About project



How can we protect the maritime property?

Through joint education, information and activation of citizens and institutions.


By creating

transparent maritime property management plans

Split-Dalmatia County has prepared draft plans for 32 cities and municipalities in the maritime region of the county


By ending

the misuse of issued concessions and concession approvals

Split-Dalmatia County has actively participated in monitoring of obligations of the concessionaires, which has so far resulted in the sanctioning of the offenders.


By preventing

ecological devastation of the maritime property

Let’s protect the coast, underwater and sea from the illegal disposal of construction waste, chemical pollution and illegal construction on the maritime property.



'Pomorsko je dobro' project is a part of the Split-Dalmatia County activities for the development of the system that will enable more transparent and efficient management of maritime property in Split-Dalmatia County.



Join us in protecting maritime good!

Educate yourself

Educate yourself

Learn all the differences between concessions and concession approval, and all that is implied under the devastation of the maritime property

Be informed

Be informed

Find out about maritime property management plans in your community and check the rights and obligations of the concessionaires

Be active

Be active

Report the devastation of the maritime property because it is our property

The most frequently asked questions

The most frequently asked questions

Maritime property preservation guidelines



Split-Dalmatia County provides support to cities and municipalities in transparent maritime management.